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Maison Troisgros
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Place de la Gare
42300 Roanne
Lyonnais/Rhône Valley
Tel: (33) 04 77 71 66 97
Fax: (33) 04 77 70 39 77
Owner: famille Troisgros
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For three generations, the Troisgros name has carved out a place in the history of French cooking. Its renown is the work of Jean-Baptiste and Marie, their two sons, Jean and Pierre and Michel et Marie-Pierre who carry on the tradition today. Founded in 1930, Troisgros celebrated in 1998 its 30 consecutive years with three Michelin stars, the most prestigious rating in France.

In the world of gastronomy, you need only mention the name "Troisgros" for people to stand up and take notice. For half a century, the hotel at the Roanne station has been a landmark and its proprietors, whose name has become a gourmet byword, have achieved almost mythological status. Following in the footsteps of the Troisgros brothers comes the son, Michel. He represents the future.

He has listened, watched and read, but even more, he has travelled. He has created a culinary world that, while not turning its back on salmon with sorrel, is taking the space shuttle into the 21st century. He imports herbs and spices, even cooking methods, from afar. He scrutinizes transalpine cuisines and listens to Spanish songs to discover what French cuisine should strive for, while playing a hands-on part in this evolution. This award, therefore, is going to a chef who is as cerebral as he is passionate. He is a perfect representation of what every new kitchen apprentice entering the field should aim for. Cooking means nothing if it remains silent; one might just as well stay home and make pancakes. Michel Troisgros' cooking, however, has something to say.

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