From the market to your plate
From the market to your plate

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Refuse a grayish, overly red or uneven rind, or any cheese with a curd that detaches from the rind. Smell and refuse any cheese that has a scent of ammonia.


Brie de Meaux keeps very well in the lower part of the refrigerator, wrapped separately.


Simply take it out 45 minutes before serving so that the room temperature restores all its flavor and refinement.


Used in numerous regional recipes

Because of its mild flavor and creamy texture, brie can be melted in a little cream to serve as a sauce for vegetables or poultry

It loves asparagus – serve a cream of green asparagus soup garnished with a slice of brie topped with an asparagus tip – pretty and delicious!

In "galettes" flavored with cayenne and cumin

Wine pairing
From the market to your plate 1

 A red wine (beaujolais, bourgogne, bordeaux, pinot noir d’Alsace… or a red port.

Champagne, crémant d’Alsace, sparkling wine, cider demi-sec

You like beer? A light one for mild or Young cheese ; a stronger one for aged cheese.


Bread pairing
From the market to your plate 2

A country bread is always an excellent choice

Daring pairing, a raisin or fig bread

Never pair with a wholewheat bread, a rye bread or a viennese bread


Photo : V. RIBAUT / Les Studios Associés / CNIEL. 

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