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Strong mustard is made from mustard seeds that have been hulled, ground and sifted to bring out all their flavor.

Since France is a land of wine, it supplies the perfect liquid for preparing mustard.

Dijon mustard
French mustard 1

Renowned worldwide, Dijon mustard is made from verjus or grape juice and white wine. Dijon mustard, in the form known today, was invented by a certain Naigeon in the 18th century by combining mustard seed with verjus.


Orleans mustard

Distinguished by the vinegar. It is made from ground or whole seeds.Moutarde à l'Ancienne

Meaux mustard
French mustard 2

The original version includes wild mustard seeds, mustard tegument (the seed covering) and spices and is highly prized. Its manufacturers jealously guard the production method. Originally this mustard was made exclusively by the monks of Meldun. These days, the Pommery company carries on this age-old process from the Brie region.

Old-Fashioned Mustard (à l’ancienne)
French mustard 3

Old-fashioned mustard is French mustard containing crushed brown mustard seeds of which the tegument or outer covering is partially sifted off. Even though classified as a hot mustard, its preparation method gives old-fashioned mustard a certain sweetness. The most famous is certainly Meaux mustard, easily recognizable by its sandy-colored stoneware pot and wax seal.

Purple Mustard
French mustard 4

This mustard dates back to the 16th century and comes from the Brie region. It harmoniously combines mustard seed and tegument with grape must, wine and vinegar.

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