From the market to your plate
From the market to your plate

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The skin should be taut and the fruit should yield slightly to the touch. The flesh should be very green and not too soft, with no bruises or blemishes, since its flavour can easily turn sour.


Will keep for several days at room temperature and more than a week in the crisper of the refrigerator.


Chop the kiwifruit in half, across the widest part. Scooping the flesh out of the skin with a spoon, The seeds are perfectly edible.

Hints and tips
If your kiwi isn't ripe enough and you're in a hurry to eat it, place the kiwi in a plastic bag with an apple: the ethylene given off by the apple will hasten the ripening process.



Can be eaten plain from its "shell" like an egg

Plain, peeled and sliced, kiwis make a very attractive garnish for a cheesecake.

Kiwi is a wonderful accompaniment to meat and pairs perfectly with other exotic fruits.


In icecream, sherbert, summer drink...

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