Mache in salads: choosing oils and vinegars
Mache in salads: choosing oils and vinegars

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 Lamb's Lettuce is perfect in salad, either on its own or in mixed salads, flavoured with a mild vinaigrette or simply with cream.

So that the Lamb's Lettuce retains all its vitality, it should be seasoned only at the very last minute. Prepare the dressing and leave it in the bottom of the salad bowl, then add the Lamb's Lettuce, toss and serve. Don't add too much dressing! Lamb's Lettuce is delicate. The seasoning should be subtle and should just lightly coat each little bouquet.

Vary your dressings!
Though it takes hardly any time at all to make a vinaigrette, give the various ingredients time to become acquainted. Prepare it in advance: the flavours will meld and become more refined, providing a delicate complement to the Lamb's Lettuce. Be careful though - herbs are no friend of Lamb's Lettuce: their flavours will overpower it.

As for strongly-flavoured oils and seasonings (roasted sesame oil, grated ginger, herb-flavoured vinegars, etc.) - these are too aggressive and will kill all of Lamb's Lettuce's subtlety and mildness. Lamb's Lettuce often pairs well with mild oils (hazelnut, walnut) and slightly acidic flavours. Don't hesitate to add some original ingredients to vary your pleasure, such as parmesan shavings, dried fruit, vegetables marinated in vinegar…

Three ideas for dressing Lamb's Lettuce

  • Diet: olive oil, lemon, 1 tbsp. Perrier, fine salt
  • Rustic: olive oil, aged wine or sherry vinegar, fresh garlic, fleur de sel, freshly ground pepper
  • Exotic: grape seed oil, soya sauce, sesame seeds, lemon, honey.

Vanilla Cream Dressing
A touch of vanilla added to crème fraîche flavoured with lemon and mixed with olive oil.

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