Mache / Lamb's Lettuce / Corn salad
Mache / Lamb's Lettuce / Corn salad
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Other Names

Valerianella locusta

Also called: Lamb's lettuce or Corn salad
French: mâche


Corn salad is the name often used in the United States since this green tends to grow wild in many American cornfields.

Lamb’s lettuce is an old English name: this green first appears in spring during lambing season and is a lamb’s favorite food and each leaf looks a bit like a lamb’s tongue.

Talking about Mâche
Mâche is native to the Mediterranean region and has been in cultivation since the time of the ancient Romans.

Mâche grows in rosettes of spoon-sized round or oval, grey-green leaves that measure 4 to 12 inches (10-30 cm) long depending upon the variety. The leaves can feel a bit velvety to the touch.


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