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Adorned with a castle that has belonged to the same family for six centuries, Rully (pronounced Ruilly) is a very old village where the Dukes of Burgundy possessed vines since the Middle Ages. Rully was granted an AOC in 1939 and produces Village and Premier Cru appellations in both red and white wines. The white wines are filled with aromas of hedgerow flowers, and full of fruit, lively and well-rounded on the palate. The red bouquet offers notes of black and red fruits, plus liquorice, lilac and rose petal. A balance of tannins and fruit give the wine a defined structure.

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The length, breadth and fruit of white Rully call for delicate foods and tender flesh, try fried river-fish, sea-fish in white sauce or hot crustaceans. It can also be enjoyed on its own or with hard cheeses like Comté.

The red wines should be matched to roasted poultry or Risotto and pasta with meat or poultry to smooth down the rather firm tannins of a young Rully. Impress your boss with a unique culinary pairing for drinks after work.


Collaboration : The Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB)

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