Burgundy Wines - Saint-Aubin
Burgundy Wines - Saint-Aubin

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In this picturesque village, surrounded by vineyards, the houses huddle around the only church from the Carolingian dynasty (10th century) in Bourgogne. The village of Gamay (where the famous grape comes from) charms with its local area and its old houses nestled at the bottom of a valley, sheltered by a fortress from the 10th and 11th centuries. A close neighbour of Montrachet, lying between Chassagne and Puligny, Saint-Aubin produces white wines with a golden colour, solid and light in their youth, then heavy and full in their old age. Its red wines, with a dark garnet offer an oily and silky attack with a great vividness at the end.

Serving suggestions
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Firm textured fish and grilled or steamed shellfish are ideal for the white wines.

The reds are great with flavourful meats such as roast beef or pork. Blue cheeses and foie gras are also excellent choices as their richness would be amply balanced by the wine’s tannins. This wine would be a great choice for a romantic dinner for two.


Collaboration : The Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB)

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