Burgundy Wines - Saint-Véran
Burgundy Wines - Saint-Véran

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Saint-Vérand, the most southern village of the Mâcon region, on the border with the region of Beaujolais, used to be called Saint-Vérand des Vignes. The Chardonnay culture has been known there since time immemorial. It is also the old spelling that was chosen in 1971 to refer to the vintage of the controlled Saint-Véran (without a d) appellation, which was produced by the six villages of the Mâcon region: Chânes, Chasselas, Davayé, Leynes, Prissé and Saint-Vérand. The soils, ideally suited to the Chardonnay grape, produce only white wines. Saint-Véran has a clean, open attack and its citrusy notes call for dishes that can sometime mitigate its ardour.

Serving suggestions
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An oily fish, poached or fried is an ideal accompaniment, as the wine’s range of floral aromas respond splendidly to the fine salty flesh. You can also try other seafood dishes or mushroom risottos. Great with goat’s cheese!


Collaboration : The Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB)

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