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Located nearly at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand, Central Otago is the World’s most southerly wine region at 45° South latitude. It is New Zealand's only true continental climate with greater extremes of daily and seasonal temperatures than are found in any of the country's maritime regions.

Soil structures vary dramatically from those of other regions with heavy deposits of mica and schists in silt loams. A new, but aggressively expanding wine area, Central Otago is now New Zealand’s seventh largest wine region.

Pinot Noir is the dominant grape variety, a status that seems certain to be maintained if demand and accolades are any measure. The wines of Central Otago have a purity, intensity and vibrancy that seems totally appropriate to anyone who has visited the region and breathed the pure mountain air.

Summers are dry and hot with the long, cool, dry Autumn allowing Pinot Noir the hang time for enhanced flavor development. This provides depth of colour and tannin ripeness that retains acid, without over developing the sugars.

Kim Crawford
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Kim Crawford is renowned for its Sauvignon Blanc, but it also produces this smooth and delectable Pinot Noir. Releasing aromas of cherry and flowers, it’s a delightful match for tuna tataki with toasted sesame seeds, or pork chops with sun-dried tomatoes.

Kim Crawford Small Parcels Rise and Shine Pinot Noir is sourced from vineyards in the Rise and Shine Creek, the home of gold mining in Bendigo, also known for its dark berry fruits flavours.

Medium depth with a bright ruby red colour.

Bright fruit aromas of fresh crushed berries, hints of spicy oak, and some forest floor notes.

The palate is rich, with red berry flavors providing some nice fruit sweetness. Soft tannins ensure that the wine is approachable in its youth, however, it does have structure to enable the wine to develop over the years.

Food pairings
Ideal with herb-crusted lamb racks, mushroom risotto

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Central Otago has four main sub-regions separated by mountains and gorges: Cromwell Basin (largest sub region, including Bannockburn, Lowburn and Bendigo), Gibbston, Wanaka, and Alexandra.

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