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The world's most easterly winegrowing region is also the first to see the sun each day. The warm, coastal region of Gisborne is renowned for its generous, highly approachable wines – especially lush, softly mouth filling Chardonnays.

The region receives high sunshine hours on coastal plains that are sheltered from the west by a range of mountains. Vineyards are predominantly situated on flats with fertile soils consisting of alluvial loams over sandy or volcanic subsoils.

Chardonnay occupies around half of Gisborne’s vineyards and has led local grape growers and winemakers to christen their region the Chardonnay capital of New Zealand.

Kim Crawford
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Gisborne is where it all started for Kim Crawford when the 1996 Tietjen Gisborne Chardonnay won a trophy at the Royal Easter Show in 1997 followed by more gold medals, which propelled Kim Crawford onto the New Zealand stage.

If you like Chardonnay with true expression of fruit then this is one to love! This wine does not hide behind any oak. It’s a crisp wine that tastes of the succulence and freshness of the grape.

Food pairings
Salmon, tartiflette, fennel and tarragon chicken...


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