Campo Viejo Ecológico
Campo Viejo Ecológico

Flavors of Spain

Campo Viejo - The Summer 's Thirst

There’s nothing like spending a long afternoon around the grill, soaking up the aromas with good company. Pairing grilled food with a glass of Campo Viejo Ecologico is the perfect way to celebrate sunny days.

Campo Viejo, the world's best-selling brand from the Spanish region of Rioja1, is proud to unveil its very first sustainable wine brand, Campo Viejo Ecológico. This unique wine is produced according to organic certification standards, applying a work ethic that goes hand in hand with the preservation of biodiversity and an improved packaging.

Campo Viejo Ecológico 1

Campo Viejo Ecológico is an approachable, lively and fragrant wine that benefits from two of the best classic Rioja varieties: Tempranillo (64%) and Garnacha (36%). Its nose is flooded with the typical silky Tempranillo red fruit (cherry, plum, blackberry and blueberry), further enhanced with hints of strawberries and raspberries and delicate herbal notes contributed by the Garnacha. "It has a very fragrant flavour, with good structure and a refreshing and fruity finish. It is a vibrant and aromatic wine, perfumed and smooth. A refreshing wine capable of satisfying all kinds of audiences", adds Elena Adell, Campo Viejo Chief Winemaker.

Expressive and rich in Tempranillo notes, it goes perfectly with pasta, poultry, fresh light cheeses or grilled vegetables.

Campo Viejo Ecológico 2

The grapes used to make the Campo Viejo Ecológico come from an organic certified vineyard in property located in Alfaro, in the Rioja Oriental region of Spain. Upon arrival at the winery, they are de-stemmed, gently crushed and then carried by gravity into stainless steel vats for fermentation at a controlled temperature of approximately 25oC. During fermentation, regular pump-overs are used to extract colour and flavours. Throughout the entire process, no animal-derived products are used in any way, making Campo Viejo Ecológico suitable for Vegan consumers.

Holistic approach to sustainability

With an updated and minimalist design, Campo Viejo Ecológico has completely changed the way its bottles and labels are produced and manufactured. This means they are now lighter and made with 75% recycled glass – reducing carbon emissions by 30% – with a new enveloping paper capsule. The labels are made with FSC certified recycled paper, removing all foil from its design which delivers a minimalist version of its iconic brand. But the effort to have a positive impact on the planet goes even further by planting a tree for each box of wine sold. Campo Viejo also chooses local suppliers that help reduce the environmental impact of shipping. By directly purchasing French oak from sustainable forests and producing its own barrels in Spain, Campo Viejo has managed to reduce its freight footprint by as much as 70%.

Campo Viejo has been a leader in sustainability since its creation in 2001. It was the first to receive some of the most notable ISO certifications (ISO 14064 for carbon footprint and ISO 50001 for energy efficiency), as well the Wineries for Climate Protection certification, resulting in pioneering successes that are clearly evident in its water and waste management, energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases. These achievements have received widespread recognition over the past two decades. A commitment to preserving biodiversity is the philosophy that underpins the design and production of Campo Viejo Ecológico. Campo Viejo's vineyards are fully integrated with their ecosystems, respecting and able to protect local biodiversity, including 270 species that have been identified by a local NGO.

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