Bauernwurst or Farmer Sausage
Bauernwurst or Farmer Sausage

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A German Favorite - The simplicity of bauernwurst made it a staple throughout the German countryside for hundreds of years. - This sausage has a coarse texture, made with ground pork and beef, season with mustard seeds and marjoram for a rich, smoky flavor.

The subtle differences in texture and bold flavor highlight the rustic origin of this sausage and make it a great alternative to the classic bratwurst.



How to cook it

Heated with Sauerkraut, pan-fried with potato salad or on a bun, they're a "sausage delight!"

Bauernwurst is also delicious in vegetable, lentil or potato soup.

How to serve

Serve hot with sauerkraut

Or serve cold with a potato salad

And don't forget your favorite German mustard!


 Photo : Kroger - Bauernwursts with red cabbage

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