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A very popular variety of precooked sausage made from pork and veal, or just veal.

There are four different kinds:
    Veal Bratwurst
    very mild

    Fine Bratwurst
    very fine texture, lightly seasoned with onion and lemon

    named for its white colour, this is a fine veal Bratwurst with parsley and mild spices, bound with egg. Some butchers add veal head for its gelatin, but it makes the sausage much more difficult to digest. To be authentic, try it with sweet mustard and pretzels.

    Smoked Bratwurst
    cooked and smoked, this sausage is a bit spicy without being hot, seasoned with pepper, paprika and cumin.


How to cook

Reheat the Bratwurst gently in boiling water or brown on your grill, in the frying pan or under the broiler.

How to serve?

Great for lunch, supper, brunch or a snack. Serve with German mustard, German potato salad or Bratkartoffeln, a side of hot sauerkraut and a slice of hearty bread. A frosty mug of German beer on the side would be perfect!

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