Chaussée aux Moines
Chaussée aux Moines

Flavors of the Pays de la Loire

Operating since 1948 in Craon en Mayenne, France, the Craon dairy used to make primarily Saint-Paulin type cheeses, originally produced by Trappist monks beginning in the 19th century.

In the late 1960s, the dairy decided to diversify its production. Smaller than a Saint-Paulin, with a thin golden rind and a unique soft texture, and with more flavor than its older sibling yet mild enough to be enjoyed by the whole family, Chaussée des Moines was born.

The making
Manufactured in the heart of the Pays de la Loire, from milk harvested around Craon, just two steps from the former monastery of St. Clement, Chaussée aux Moines is molded and pressed in a cloth to develop a fine golden crust and reveal a unique flavor.

Why the name?
The name, meaning "the monks' road," comes from the fact that the monks used to stroll along the pond very close to the abbey. 

Production secrets

Chaussée aux Moines owes its unique character to ancient drying and "smearing" techniques. Molded and pressed in cloth, the cheese is immersed in a saline solution, a bath containing a unique collection of micro-organisms and ferments that allow the rind to develop when the cheese is ripened in cellars.

These practices, legacies of the skill and mastery of the Cistercian monks, give the cheese its singular texture and flavor. 


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