Clotted cream - England
Clotted cream - England

Flavors of England

Clotted cream is rich beyond belief. If you have not had the gastronomic pleasure of trying clotted cream, you first need to know that its flavour varies from one region to another, though it remains a specialty of the southwestern counties.

Clotted cream is made from rich creamy milk from high-fat breed cows such as Jerseys, that is left to sit for 24 hours in the winter and 12 hours in the summer, before being warmed over low heat - traditionally a copper pan is used - until it begins to thicken and wrinkle on the surface. It is then left in a cool place until the next day, when the clotted cream is carefully skimmed from the top.

The cream generally contains 55% butterfat. It is usually spread on scones with a little spoonful of strawberry jam. Served with a cup of scalding tea, it's heaven, as any Englishman will tell you.


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