Devon Cream
Devon Cream

Flavors of England

Devon cream, named for the shire where cows graze in rich pasture land, is thick and reminiscent of butter.
Devon cream, or clotted cream, is prepared from rich creamy milk that is left to sit for 24 hours in winter, 12 hours in summer, before being gently heated until wrinkles and waves appear on the surface. It is then stored in a cool place until the next day when the clotted cream is skimmed from the surface. 

Double Devon Cream is a fresh pasteurized cream, 48% - 50% milk fat, with a distinctive flavour. 'Double Devon Cream' originated after World War II, when the only cream available with a long shelf life was canned sterilized cream whose flavour left much to be desired. The Cow & Gate company, famous in England since the early 20th century for its baby foods, turned its attention to the development of a better product. According to the story, the company chairman, a Colonel Gates, gave instructions to his Chemist and Production Director one Friday morning to produce a cream with a long life that tasted like fresh cream… by Monday morning!

Although it took a little longer than one weekend, the product did come into being, launched in the early fifties and marketed in an attractive glass jar under the brand "Farmer's Wife Cow & Gate Double Devon Cream."


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