L'Extra camembert
L'Extra camembert

Cuisine of the Montérégie region

Soft-rind cheese
Group : Camembert d'ici
Moisture : 55%
M.F.: 23%
Cheese maker : Fromagerie de Ste-Hyacinthe - Agropur
Region : Montérégie

This soft, bloomy-rind cheese is made from pasteurized milk and cream. Born from the purest European tradition, this authentic camembert treats us to the creamy taste of milk, hazelnut and mushrooms. Its flavour and texture have rapidly made it one Canadians' favourite cheeses.

L’Extra Camembert is sold in whole 170 g wheels.

As its name suggests, L’Extra Grand Camembert is more imposing. In stores, you’ll find wedges cut from the 1 kg wheels.

Winner at the World Championship Cheese Contest
L'Extra camembert 1

Made in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Agropur’s Camembert l’Extra, was chosen over 17 other products to win 1st prize in the World Championship Cheese Contest, held in Madison, Wisconsin from March 6 to 8. 

The World Championship Cheese Contest, founded in 1957, is the largest competition of its kind. All technical aspects of the cheeses entered in the contest are evaluated by a jury of 50 experts from different countries who are respected by the luminaries in the field.

A tasty victory for Agropur, which shines its expertise in making fine cheeses on the Canadian market.


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