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 AOC since 1975 and AOP since 1996 (1)

Cow's milk

Recognizable by its orangey yellow rind encircled by 5 strips of bullrush.

Washed-rind soft white curd cheese


Flavors of Normandy

The Five-Stripe Colonel
In the heart of France's Pays d;Auge, the town of Livarot gives its name to a rich cheese with an exceptional history. It is nicknamed "the colonel" because of the five bullrush rings that encircle it, to keep it from collapsing while ripening. In the 19th century, Livarot was the most-eaten cheese in Normandy. it is mentioned in Thomas Corneille's universal geographical and historical dictionary of 1708. 

After partial skimming, the milk is set aside to ripen. The curd is diced and left to rest, then slowly stirred. The whey is then extracted. Finally the curd is placed into molds. While it is ripening in cellars for a month, it is turned and washed three times.

It has the flavor of its terroir: straightforward and pronounced. Its pungent odor contrasts with its strong but creamy flavor. Its fine curd is slightly elastic. 

Tasting tip

We recommend keeping this cheese in the refrigerator and removing it a few minutes before serving in order to enhance its assertive flavor. 


 (1) Livraot has an AOP, a protected designation of origin from Normandy. Like all AOPs, it is associated with a precisely-defined territory, a specific raw material, and a unique skill. AOP products may be produced only in the specified region. 

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