Flavors of Normandy
Flavors of Normandy
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The people of Normandy take their eating very seriously indeed. Norman recipes are usually quite simple, but as they make use of local dairy produce and apples, the fresh natural flavours come through in a vast range of dishes.

The sea is as bountiful as the region's orchards, and the Norman table boasts such specialities as Dieppe sole with Normandy oysters.

From the delicate flavor of saltmarsh lamb to creamy chicken "à la Vallée d'Auge" and duck "à la Rouennaise", the excellence of Normandy meat is matched only by that of its cheeses: Neufchâtel, Pont-L'Evêque, Livarot (otherwise known as the "Colonel"), and the round Camembert of Marie Harel, these evocative names are famous world-wide.

The creamy omelettes of the Mont Saint Michel, the Vire andouille sausages, tripes cooked "à la mode de Caen", the "boudin" sausages of Mortagne, and the recent introduction to the region of foie gras, all these delicacies and more entice lovers of good food to the area.

Round off a memorable meal with the local desserts: "bourdelots" or "teurgoule", or such sweets as Isigny toffees or apple sugars from Rouen.

Wash the whole meal down with cider, still or sparkling, dry or sweet, or perry, with an occasional pause for a shot of calvados apple brandy to clear the palate: the famous "trou normand". The very essence of apples is distilled into calvados, and pommeau.

Finally, sit back, savor the moment, and enjoy a glass of Benedictine liqueur.

Regional products
Flavors of Normandy 1

Cold meat
Andouilles de Vire, rillettes de garenne d'Évreux

Sole, plaice, brill, turbot, chien de mer

Pré Salé (salt meadow) lamb, rouennais (from Rouen) duck, duck Duclair

Flavors of Normandy 2

Cidre du Pays d'Auge

Cheeses and diary products
Flavors of Normandy 3

Camembert de Normandie
Beurre et Crème d'Isigny / Butter and cream from Isigny

Some local designations
Flavors of Normandy 4

With shrimp tails, mussels, mushrooms and white wine sauce

White meat or fish marinated in white wine or cider, baked, finishing with cream, mustard and apples sautéed in butter.

Bordelaise sauce with foie gras, red wine reduction, lemon juice and pepper

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