Minas Gerais or Mineiro
Minas Gerais or Mineiro

Flavors of Brazil

Quejo mineiro is a staple food in homes of the valley region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, where they produce more milk and coffee than any other Brazilian state. Made by thousands of small producers, this cheese was brought to the region by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century. 

Soft and moist with a very mild, salty initial flavor and a note of lemon on the palate, it turns yellow with a white center as it ages, becoming increasingly piquant and slightly bitter.

It is usually eaten with bread for breakfast. It can also be used to make traditional cheese buns, pão de queijo. 


Origin: Brazil - Minas Gerais
Aging: The time it’s left to cure varies, but it can be as little as 4 days, which results in “fresh” Minas cheese, to several months
Size: 9 cm diameter, 5 cm height
Milk: Cow
Classification: Soft curd


 Photo: Mercado municipal de Curitiba

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