Greek olive oil
Greek olive oil

Flavors of Greece

In Greece, olive oil has been a staple of the gastronomy since ancient times. Throughout the peninsula you'll find olive trees growing in the lower altitudes. Late in the fall, the olives are collected by sliding a hand along each branch to remove the fruit without injuring it. The olives are then transferred to the mill to be pressed, while everyone stands by anxiously to taste the first results, pouring the oil on a slice of bread with a sprinkling of salt to bring out the flavor.

Olives that are to be sold whole are sent for processing. They're first immersed into a tub of brine for 3-4 months to remove the bitterness. Then they are sorted and calibrated and packed with olive oil, vinegar and salt and shipped to international markets.

While Greek olives are recognized worldwide, the Kalamata variety enjoys a particularly high reputation.

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