Maple water
Maple water
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French: Eau d'érable


 Maple water has 46 nutritional compounds essential for the life, growth and protection of the tree – and now, you. The best part? It contains only 9g of carbohydrates, or 35 calories per 375 mL!

Delicious to drink, maple water has a delicate sweetness and refreshing taste. Also, anyone can bring maple water into the kitchen, whether it’s to simmer, poach, soak or flavour! Its refined taste, fragrant aroma and subtle sweetness make it a favourite among baking and cooking connoisseurs – both at home and in restaurants.

NAPSI Certification

Maple water from Québec has its own quality certification called NAPSI, established by the Federation of Québec Maple Syrup Producers to ensure authenticity and quality. This seal guarantees consumers always enjoy crisp, crystalline maple water, just as it came out of the tree. NAPSI is an acronym that describes the qualities of maple water from Québec:

Authentic – coming directly from nature through maple trees
Pure – with no additives or ingredients
Sterile – containing no micro-organisms
Integral – whole, unrefined and with all the compounds that nature gave it

Where to find it?

Harvested in the spring, sterilized and packaged in Tetra Paks®, and requiring no refrigeration before opening, maple water can be stored for over 18 months at room temperature – meaning you can sip its subtle sweetness year-round! Maple water is available in grocery stores under the Seva, Oviva™, Wahta and Necta brands.


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