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 Sebastes marinus or Sebastes norvegicus (Redfish)
Sebastes mantella (Deepwater redfish)

French: Sébaste, dorade-sébaste, rascasse du nord

German: Rotbarsch/Goldbarsch

Others names: Ocean perch

The fish is called redfish in New England and Canada, but is not to be confused with redfish from the Gulf of Mexico (which is a drum).


From its color.

The rather unattractive but delicious redfish is part of the large scorpaenidae family. These two species live in the cold waters of North Atlantic.

Redfish have a short body with a large head and wide, gaping mouth. They have a row of short dorsal spines followed by a flat dorsal fin and a small tail with a shallow indent.

Adults range in colour from bright orange (S. marinus) to bright red (S. mentella). S. marinus grow to a maximum length of about 70 centimetres, while S. mentella grow to about 60 centimetres. Much as the age of a tree is calculated by counting the rings in its trunk, the age of a redfish is determined by counting the rings on the otoliths (small bones in the fish's middle ear). They often live to be 40 years old.



 Photo: CIRAD

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