Bresse Chicken
Bresse Chicken

Flavors of Burgundy

Bresse poultry
Not far from Mâcon in Burgundy, you'll find famous Bresse poultry, a gastronomic benchmark, and the only poultry to have been granted its own protected designation of origin (appellation d'origine contrôlée). It is raised according to traditional local methods, far from any form of industrialization. Bresse Chicken, Bresse Fattened Pullet, Bresse Capon, Bresse Turkey... To sample it, go to Vonnas, 12 km from Macon. Vonnas blends naturally into the picturesque Bressan farmland. You're sure to be charmed by its authentic character when you stroll down one of the village paths and admire the natural beauty all around you; you'll be won over by the authenticity of the village and the cuisine of Georges Blanc.


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