Garlic flower
Garlic flower

Usually when growing garlic, the bud is cut off in late June to concentrate all the plant's energy into the bulb. However, the flower is a wonderful edible product and its flavor is unique, more delicate and more digestible than the garlic bulb. Garlic flowers add flavor without masking the taste of other foods. Better yet, they don't give you garlic breath. 


Spread slices of country bread with garlic flower as you would for bruschetta. Place some on roast duck or veal before roasting. Enlivens salads, poultry and fish. 

Place some garlic flowers on hot plain rice before serving.

Combine 1 level tsp. of garlic flower with 100 g cream cheese or plain goat cheese.

Replace the pesto in pasta dishes with a little garlic flower oil and grated Parmesan.

Use garlic flowers to replace garlic in garlic butter for a delicious, more subtle and more digestible alternative.

Add some garlic flowers to cooked vegetables just before serving. Garlic flower is very versatile, allowing you unlimited creativity.


In jar
Finely chop the flowers, place them in a small jar and add a little lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt and cover entirely with olive oil (or half sunflower oil, half olive oil) and refrigerate immediately (very important). 

Note: if you wish to macerate the product for 2 months or longer, you should add some starter culture or ensure that the pH of the product is below 3.9 to be on the safe side.



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