Broad Bean / Fava bean
Broad Bean / Fava bean
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Other Names

Vicia faba or Faba vulgaris

French: Fève, Gourgane


Broad bean is also known as horse bean, Windsor bean, English bean, tick bean, fava bean, field bean, and pigeon bean. Broad beans are sometimes classified into subspecies according to varieties and their uses in various countries.

The origin of broad beans is obscure, but the best information indicates the Mediterranean area. Broad beans were grown widely in Europe during prehistoric times, and they were well known to the Egyptians and Romans. Remains are reported to have been found in Egyptian tombs.

Broad beans get their name from the seeds which are large and flat. Seeds are variable in size and shape, but usually are nearly round and white, green, buff, brown, purple, or black.

Broad beans are grouped into varieties with long pods (up to 8 seeds per pod) and those with short pods ('Windsor') which have about 4 seeds per pod.


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