White asparagus
White asparagus

White Asparagus 
Liliaceae (lily) family

 In Spain, in the region around Granada, the white asparagus season lasts from February until June. When the asparagus spears poke up slightly through the soil, they take on a violet hue. 

We should begin by pointing out that asparagus, a phenomenon of nature, whether robed in green, pearly white or tinged with purple, all comes from the same mother variety. It is only the way it is grown that creates the variations of colour, flavour and texture.

Green and white asparagus are usually grown in separate areas and by different producers. Unlike white asparagus whose principal requirement is a light soil type, green asparagus requires a certain number of particular climatic conditions, which greatly limits where it can be grown. The continental-Mediterranean climate proves ideal: winters cold enough to interrupt the asparagus's growth, and springs with cool nights and mild daytime temperatures which permit the asparagus to grow only during the day without developing the spear in order to extend the harvest period.



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