Arak - Traditional Method Recipe
Arak - Traditional Method
Flavors of Lebanon
Total time: less than 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note
To really appreciate the flavor of arak, you must first taste it as made by the traditional method. It's a fairly strong drink that is made right in an individual glass or in a carafe of an appropriate size.
- 1 measure of Fakra Arak
- 2 measures of water
  1. Pour the arak into a small glass.
  2. Dilute with water. Add an ice cube.

Summer Evening Refresher

Less traditionally, replace the water with orange juice. The stimulant effect of arak and the vitamin C from the orange juice make this a refreshing, invigorating drink. You can make it stronger or weaker, depending on how much juice you use; make it right in the serving glass. 

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