Champagne and Strawberry for Valentine's Day Recipe
Champagne and Strawberry for Valentine's Day
Total time: less than 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
For each cocktail

- Champagne or sparkling wine
- A little cane sugar syrup
- A splash of cognac
  1. Place a few strawberries into the bottom of each champagne flute;
  2. pour in the cane syrup and cognac; 
  3. fill up the glass with champagne. 

Don't forget to make up a little platter with more strawberries, syrup and cognac - or just a nice dish of strawberries - so that you can continue the pairing until the bottle is empty!

Remember, too, to have an ice-filled champagne bucket on hand. There may be a lull between glasses and you want the champagne to stay cold!

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