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Chocolate Recipe
Bernard Villain, restaurant Charbonnel, Périgord, France
Bernard Villain, restaurant Charbonnel, Périgord, France
Flavors of Périgord

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Oven temperature: 180° C (350° F)
Cooking time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

A favorite recipe enjoyed at Le Moulin de l'Abbaye in Brantôme, Périgord. Pastry Chef: Pierre Hamard

Ingredients for 10 servings
- 120 g (4 oz.) granulated sugar
- 2 eggs + 7 egg yolks
- 350 g (12 oz.) dark chocolate, 64%
- 500 g (2 cups) heavy cream, whipped
- 125 g (4 oz.) sesame nougatine
- 100 g (6 tbsp.) softened butter
- 100 g (1 cup) icing sugar
- 100 g (3/8 cup) egg whites
- 80 g (3 oz./3/4 cup) white flour
- 20 g (4 tbsp.) cocoa powder
- Juice of half an orange
- 50 g (1/4 cup) sugar

Chocolate Velvet

  1. Cook the sugar to 121° C (250° F);
  2. place the eggs and egg yolks in a bowl; as soon as the sugar reaches a temperature of 121° C (250° F) pour it into the eggs, beating at high speed with an electric mixer until the mixture has cooled completely;
  3. when cool, blend in the warm melted chocolate (maximum 40° C / 104° F) and the whipped cream with a light quick folding motion to aerate the mixture; then add in the crushed nougatine (below); pour into small bowls and place in the refrigerator to set.

Sesame Nougatine

  1. Heat a saucepan and pour in 2 tbsp. granulated sugar and 2 tbsp. sesame seeds;
  2. let colour for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until the mixture becomes a light brown caramel.
  3. Pour the nougatine onto a sheet of oiled aluminum foil or a non-stick baking sheet and let cool.

Cocoa Tuiles

  1. Cream the butter and the icing sugar;
  2. mix in the egg whites and the cocoa powder; let rest for 24 seconds, then using a spoon (or better yet a piping bag) spread the batter in small thin discs on a parchment-lined baking sheet; bake in a 180° C (350° F) oven until the tuiles are nicely browned.

Orange-Anise Sauce

  1. Cook the three ingredients to a thick syrup;
  2. let cool, put through a fine sieve and let rest 24 seconds.


  1. Place 3 drops of chocolate on each plate; drizzle the orange sauce in the centre to form a design;
  2. unmould and place the chocolate velvet in the centre;
  3. insert 3 chocolate tuiles into the chocolate velvet;
  4. garnish with chocolate shavings or a chocolate stick (see photo) and a sprig of mint leaves.
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