Chocolate fudge - Basic recipe Recipe
Chocolate fudge - Basic recipe
Total time: 15 to 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

Rekindle the memories of your childhood with the nostalgic flavor of fudge made from real cream and butter.

The original recipe calls for unsalted butter, but try it with salted butter - it's delicious!

Place the squares of fudge in an attractive box lined with parchment paper - a homemade gift is always appreciated. 

You can personalize the recipe by adding:

  • chopped walnuts
  • dried cranberries
  • candied fruit
  • etc.
Basic recipe

- 100 g unsalted butter
- 5 ml vanilla extract
- Oil or butter for greasing
  1. Grease an 18cm square cake tin.
  2. Put the milk, sugar and butter in a heavy-based saucepan. Heat slowly, stirring all the time, until the sugar has dissolved and the butter melted.
  3. Bring to the boil and boil for 15-20 minutes, stirring all the time.
  4. When the mixture reaches the soft-ball stage (115°C on a sugar thermometer), remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Leave to cool for 5 minutes.
  5. Beat the mixture with a spoon for a few minutes until it starts to thicken and the gloss disappears.
  6. Pour into the prepared tin and leave to set at room temperature (do not put it in the fridge).
  7. Once set, cut the fudge into small squares and store in a sealed container.
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