Whipping cream
Whipping cream

Liquid crème fraîche Crème fleurette

In France, whipping cream contains at least 30% butterfat. 

In Canada, whipping cream contains between 32 and 40% fat, though 35% is the kind most often found on the market. 

In the United States, light whipping cream (30-36% fat) is differentiated from heavy whipping cream (more than 36% fat).

Hints and tips 
To make successful whipped cream, it's best to chill the cream at least 24 hours before using it. When using an electric mixer, chill the bowl and whisk before whipping the cream as well. When the cream and the utensils are all very cold, the cream will absorb more air and attain more volume. If made under the right conditions, it should hold for 24 hours if refrigerated. 

A small quantity of light cream is usually enough to rescue overwhipped cream.


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