Pound Cake Pops Recipe
Pound Cake Pops
Flavors of Brittany
Total time: 15 to 30 minutes

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Waiting time: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

Nice little bites for a buffet, party or tapas menu.

Our tip: Vary the pleasure and make the pops with white or milk chocolate coating, or even caramel, and coat in chocolate sprinkles.

Makes 12

- 1 all-butter pound cake
- 500 ml (2 cups) liquid chocolate glaze
- 1 package of praline
- 1 package of ground green pistachios
- sesame seeds
- poppy seeds
- frill picks
  1. Cut the pound cake into thick slices (3 cm / 1 1/4"), then cut into large even cubes.
  2. Dip the cubes into the chocolate coating.
  3. Place a pick into each cube, then sprinkle with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, crushed pistachios or praline.
  4. Let the pops dry on a plate, head down, so that the chocolate harden a bit.
Pound Cake Pops 1
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