Penne Salad with Basil and Blue Cheese Recipe
Penne Salad with Basil and Blue Cheese
Total time: 30 to 60 minutes

Preparation time : 14 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

Sprinkle the salad with pine nuts lightly toasted in a dry skillet. 

Save time
Choose smaller pasta (it'll cook faster than penne).

For 4 servings

- 240 g (8 oz.) penne
- 240 g (8 oz.) blue cheese (suggestion: Bresse Bleu)
- 200 g (7 oz.) cherry tomatoes
- 2 small zucchini
- 2 sprigs of basil
- 2 tbsp. lemon juice
- 2 tbsp. olive oil
- 2 tbsp. stirred yogurt
- coarse salt and pepper
  1. Cook the pasta in boiling salted water according to package directions; drain and refresh under cold running water. Place in a salad bowl.
  2. Meanwhile, dice the zucchini (without peeling) and sauté in 1 tbsp. olive oil over fairly high heat for 5 minutes, stirring often. Cool to lukewarm, then add to the salad bowl.
  3. Halve the cherry tomatoes and add to the salad, along with the basil leaves.
  4. In a bowl, combine the remaining 1 tbsp. olive oil, the lemon juice and yogurt. Dress the salad with this mixture.
  5. Dice the blue cheese and sprinkle over the salad. Serve immediately.
Pleasure and balance

Dessert suggestion for a balanced meal: plums.

Nutritional content of this meal, per person
389 Kcal or 19% of the recommended daily allowance
Protein: 38% of the RDA
Calcium: 34% of the RDA

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