Stuffed Cabbage Périgord-Style Recipe
Stuffed Cabbage Périgord-Style
Flavors of Périgord
Total time: more than 2 hours
Preparation time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note
A traditional recipe from the Restaurant d'en Face in Trémolat
Choose a nice round head of cabbage that is smooth and fairly compact. Using a pointed knife, hollow out the core as much as possible without damaging the structure of the cabbage so that it will hold its shape when blanched.

The filling can be made with leftover meat, chicken, veal or lamb that has been put through a meat grinder with a piece of fresh bacon.

Ingredients for 10 servings
- Leftover meat or 500 g (18 oz.) sausage meat
- A handful of fresh bread (crusts removed) soaked in broth or milk, squeezed out
- 2 eggs
- Onions, garlic
- Parsley, chopped herbs, salt and pepper
- Bacon rind to line the bottom of the pan
- Carrots
- Onions stuck with cloves
- Some nice tomatoes, peeled and seeded
- 4 cloves of garlic
- 1 bouquet garni
- 1 stalk of celery
- Some small pieces of ham or lean salt pork
- Chicken broth
  1. Blanch the cabbage in a pot large enough to hold it, with the core side down. When the leaves are softened, spread them open a bit with a spoon. When the cabbage begins to open up easily, remove it from the water, refresh in cold water, drain and place on a cutting board (it will collapse).
  2. Spread out the leaves, laying them flat, without detaching them from what is left of the core. They are now ready to be stuffed. Cut out the centre of the core, chopping it coarsely and adding it to the stuffing. Replace it with a ball of the stuffing. Lift up a few leaves to surround it, replacing them in their natural position.
  3. Around this ball, place a thin layer of the stuffing and cover with more leaves. Repeat the procedure until the stuffing and leaves are used up, taking care to retain the cabbage's original shape.
  4. The final layer of leaves will be thicker. The cabbage by now should have more or less regained the size and shape it had before being blanched.
  5. Tie it up in a tight grid of string or else wrap in a piece of gauze.


  1. Line a large casserole or Dutch oven with pork rind and add the garnish ingredients.
  2. Place the cabbage in the centre of the casserole. Add a generous amount of broth and place in the oven to cook for several hours at a bare simmer.
  3. Serve in a deep dish, with the sauce reduced to a thick coulis, cut into slices and surrounded by the seasoning ingredients (except the bouquet garni). Serve on hot plates.
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