Christmas in Martinique
Christmas in Martinique

Flavors of Martinique

Like every French region, Martinique has its own culinary specialties and traditions.

Everything starts off with a glass of coconut or peanut punch, shrubb or aged rum nibbling savory pork pâtés. 

Christmas in Martinique 1

Creole sausage, Christmas ham with pineapple or pork stew, pigeon peas, yams, chayote gratin.

Sweet treats
Christmas in Martinique 2

 For dessert, there's "hidden love," a cake that conceals in its centre (between layers of pastry and sponge) banana, guava or coconut jam made with cane sugar, Pain doux (a butter-free whipped cake) or Robinson cake filled with island jam.

Or for a lighter option after the feast, there's passion fruit or soursop sherbets, coconut flan, eaten on its own or with a fruit coulis.


With the collaboration of Jumbo Car Martinique.

Ham Photo: ID 38947721 / azazel / MSCOMM
Cake Photo : Jumbo Car Martinique

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