Christmas in Mexico
Christmas in Mexico

Flavors of Mexico

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas retains a very religious character; gifts and festivities are saved for Epiphany. On the 16th, in Oaxaca, the nine days of ‘posadas’ begin; they are held every night reenacting the journey of Mary and Joseph searching for an inn (posada). Each night, people serve crisp "bunuelos" and "atoles". According to the tradition, a plate should be broken for every bunuelo eaten, in order to bring good luck, a royal experience! Beside the Cathedral, restaurant stands serve chocolate and “bunuelos” out of bowls which are then thrown against the sidewalk and smashed. Don't worry, these unglazed dishes are made expressly to be broken for the occasion!

Don't forget the "Pinata"! The "Pinata" is a pottery (or paper) container, brightly decorated and filled with candy and toys. It is hung from the ceiling or a tree. One by one, the children are blindfolded, turned around and instructed to strike the Pinata with a stick. Usually several attempts are made before the container is broken. Of course, when that happens, there is an explosion of goodies.

On Christmas Eve, everywhere, you will find roast suckling pig, roast turket, beet salad with peanuts...In the interior of the country, the centerpiece is turkey mole, made with a sauce containing chocolate and chilies. In coastal regions, Biscayan-style cod, prepared with tomatoes and onions, replaces the fowl. "Pinatas" (large round clay pots or animal made in are broken and everyone rushes to eat the contents: peanuts, seasonal fruits and candies.

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