Easter in Portugal
Easter in Portugal

Flavors of Portugal

Easter in Portugal

As elsewhere, bunnies, eggs and chocolate are central to Portuguese Easter traditions, but no "Pascoa" would be authentic without the famous "bolo," a small rich bread made with flour and eggs. The recipe differs by region, but one of the best known is "bolo de bolacha maria," made by layering maria biscuits soaked in coffee and cream. These round layers create a flower-shaped cake.

Another tradition is "folar," the gift given by godfathers to their godsons. The most ancient version involved giving a loaf of bread that varied in shape or texture depending on the region. To find a generic term for this bread, the Portuguese came up with "folar." Today, while the bread is often replaced with a gift, the name remains the same. According to legend, it symbolizes reconciliation and friendship. 

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