The Cuisine of Tours
 The Cuisine of Tours
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You're in the hear of the Touraine, with its famous Chinon, Bourgueil and Vouvray vineyards and its renowned chateaus. This is the beautiful province in which French kings chose to live and find repose, enjoying all the pleasures of life.

Rillettes from Tour - made famous by Rabelais and Balzac who spoke of this "brown jam"  - consist of diced pork slowly cooked in its fat over a wood fire. You must try them when you visit. If you have a sweet tooth, the local nougat is a must, a cake of candied fruits on a bed of apples. 

Its gardens, orchards and farms provide the perfect ingredients for culinary expression - and in this regard, there is no shortage of artists: winegrowers (9 listed wines), charcutiers (making the famous rillettes mentioned above), cream dairies, pastry shops (making nougat, for example)... all of them perpetuating centuries-old methods to preserve the art of good taste and the flavor of good things. 

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Sainte-Maure de Touraine
A goat cheese

A geline is a small free-range black chicken traditionally found in France's Touraine region. Nicknamed "the black lady," chef Jacques Bardet like to cook it in salt crust.

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