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From the IXth century, caprine breedings in Touraine were present. The capitularies of Carolingian period show that legs , chops and goat's cheeses indeed appear on the first place of provisions to be supplied in the abbeys of Cormery and Holy-Martin of Tours

At present, the Sainte-Maure of Touraine is produced in a bounded zone corresponding to the former province of Touraine, that's to say the department of Indre-et-Loire, the bordering cantons of Loir-et-Cher, Indre and some cantons and the bordering municipalities of Vienna

Very renowned, this cheese obtained the label AOC (Controlled Apellation) since 1990. However, only the Sainte-Maure of Touraine benefits from this appelation.


Food processing

The Sainte-Maure of Touraine, made with some whole goat's milk, is a cheese with soft leg, with grey superficial molds.
The dough is white ivory, with homogeneous and fine texture, at least 45 % of fat. He is crossed by a straw of Rye engraved in the name of the appelation, giving evidence of its origin.
He appears under the shape of a lengthened tronconique log, a minimum weight of 250g.

This cheese is obtained by lactic coagulation of the fresh goat's milk with addition of a small quantity of rennet. The curdling is made during a duration about 24 hours. The prégouttage is forbidden. The curd is poured so as to break him the least possible in tronconiques moulds, flared.
Then, he is turned out of the tin, salty slightly and sprinkled with charcoal. The duration of refining is of ten days at least as from the day of renneting.

The use of frozen curds milk is forbidden.


Identify it at its best

In the eye, the crust must be finished well and regular with superficial molds grey - bluish.
In the touch, the dough is firm and homogeneous, a slightly goat smell spreads. With a flavor of hazelnut according to the seasons, the Sainte-Maure of Touraine is often consumed at the end of meal.


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