Flavors of Belgium
Flavors of Belgium
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Belgium is a tiny, pocket-sized country, a picturesque and varied kingdom that recalls the palettes of Brueghel and Rubens, a land whose most famous symbols - the Grand Place in Brussels, the Port d'Anvers, the lacemakers of Bruges - provide a scenic backdrop for a great gastronomic adventure. There is nothing more pleasant than travelling from village to village, across rivers and valleys, in search of the next wonderful meal. Food is taken seriously in Belgium: between the coast and Brussels you will encounter no fewer than thirty different ways to prepare mussels! Whether you desire a taste of pheasant Brabant-style (garnished with Brussels sprouts and endive), chicken from Brussels, Ardennaise charcuterie with its renowned ham, or bilberries from the Fagnes, every turn offers you a new gourmet delight.

Belgium is a horn of plenty filled with blue and white grapes from the Brabant region, white asparagus, golden pears… but the most representative of Belgian products are incontestably witloof, a delicious chicory commonly called Belgian endive, white asparagus from Malines, and potatoes that are inconceivable any way but fried - a mere mention of Belgium conjures up thoughts of the mussels-fries-beer trio for which the country is famous!

But we must not neglect the Brussels sprout, whose very name reveals its origins, as well as that underrated vegetable, salsify, which is cooked in salted water with a little lemon juice before being served with cream and nutmeg.

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