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4088 Yi Tian Road, Futian District,
Shenzhen, 518048,
Tel: :(86 755) 8828 4088
Fax: (86 755) 8828 4388

Chef Anthony Dong is the executive Chinese chef of Futian Shangri-La in Shenzhen. A graduate from Tsinghua University in food and beverage management, this extraordinary leader is also the Secretary General of the Shenzhen Cuisine Association, as well as the instigator of the Five-Star Chef Club of Shenzhen.

Chef Dong specializes in Huaiyang cuisine. Since the beginnings of his culinary career in 1993, he has successfully developed his signature style of artfully presented contemporary Huaiyang dishes, prepared to highlight the fresh ingredients used. Over the six years he has worked for Shangri-La, he has taken the restaurant’s team to a whole new level of excellence thanks to his extraordinary leadership and charming personality.

Anthony Dong also has many awards and accolades to his credit. In 2015, he won the Annual Gold Medal of the Hong Kong Global Professional Association. The previous year, he was the Champion of the first Shenzhen Kitchen King Tournament, in addition to receiving awards for Best Team of Top Shenzhen Catering, and Cantonese Diamond Chef of Guangdong Province.

Passionately devoted to promoting his country’s cuisine, chef Dong has attended many international food festivals in France, Australia, South Korea, and America, among other places. Wherever he goes, his impeccable slicing techniques and professional attitude always earn him high praise.

Anthony Dong recipe
Futian Shangri-La 1

My culinary philosophy is to cook from the heart.”

Double-boiled Beef Soup


Special event

Chef Dong will be the honorary president of the 17th edition Montreal Highlight Festival, a special invitation for chinese food lovers who lived on this side of the planet.
Friday, February 26, 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, February 27, 6:30 p.m.
Renoir 1155 Sherbrooke St. West Montréal

A glimpse of the 7 courses menu

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