La Côte Saint-Jacques
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La Côte Saint-Jacques
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14, faubourg de Paris
89300 Joigny
Tel: (33) 03 86 62 09 70
Fax: (33) 03 86 91 49 70
Owner: Michel & Jean-Michel Lorain

The Côte St-Jacques is now entirely oriented towards the water. Enjoy the cuisine of Jean-Michel Lorain in these unique surroundings with its garden overlooking the Yonne River. Here, each flavour is preserved to give you an extraordinary culinary experience. The Lorain family will warmly welcome you. Take advantage of a superb room which gives out onto the Yonne riverbanks, a cooking class or a romantic boat trip.

My Cooking
I am fortunate to have a family business with a tradition to carry on.

My cooking is based on creativity, finding good products and then using those ingredients to their best advantage. If you prepare a dish with pigeon or veal or a vegetable, you want the product to retain its own flavour, whether it is expressed purely or against a backdrop of originality. My own cooking style is quite pure. I don't like complicated things: I prefer instead to bring together two or three ingredients and to highlight the particular qualities of each one.

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Spa Côte Coon to pamper and cocoon their guests, offering them an unforgettable experience, like the ones provided by the hotel and restaurant.

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