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In 1932, Paul Ricard declared that the drink he had just developed would be "the one true pastis from Marseille." Ricard is distinguished by the quality of its natural ingredients which offer an amazing journey around the world. First, to south China to discover the flavors of the Far East contained in star anise, a rare spice known since ancient times and prized for its healthful properties. Then a stop in the Middle East on the banks of the Euphrates for sweet licorice that enhances and mellows the anise flavor. And for a beautiful ending, the Mediterranean with a harmonious blend of aromatic plants from Provence.... which we can't reveal, because they're a carefully-guarded secret! 

Paul Ricard invented the "long drink" long before this method was adopted for other spirits. If Ricard is a light drink, it's simply because it can be cut with water to taste, always with a minimum of 5 parts water to 2 parts Ricard.

The perfect partnership
Ricard 1

To mark the launch of the Ricard tapas glass designed by Sébastien Cordoleani and Franck Fontana, young chef Gontran Cherrier, known for his enthusiasm and originality, has designed some exclusive and unusual tapas recipes to accompany the famous Ricard ritual. "They walk the line between sweet and savory and just need Ricard to totally bring out their best."

Artichoke heart skewers with grilled duck breast and Parmesan

Sardine toasts with parsley and toasted pine nuts

Goat cheese toasts with baby spinach and coconut

Chocolate, pepper and tomato tarts


Other tapas suggestions
Ricard 2

Peppper, tomato, anchovy and arugula crostini 
Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur Restaurant, Menton, France

A real Ricard with a real crunch
Gontran Cherrier


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