Ardenne Ham
Ardenne Ham

Flavours of Champagne Ardenne

Dried Ardenne ham is made exclusively from fresh pork leg, dry salted and flavored with spices, aromatics, sugar and a preservative (E252).

It has benefitted from a mild manual salting with dry salt, hasn't be smoked and contains no nitrites. Its production takes at least nine months.


It can be bought boneless or bone-in, whole, quartered or sliced. The ARDENNES DE FRANCE label that is branded on it guarantees its superior quality and origin. Whole hams are sold in one piece (about 5.5 kg) or cut up. It is covered with a cloth net for export.


A whole ham will keep for 90 days at a temperature between 12 and 15° C. Boneless ham will keep for 90 days when stored at or below 12° C if whole. Quartered or sliced, it will keep for 60 days at a temperature below 6° C.

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