Hungarian sausage
Hungarian sausage

Flavors of Hungary


In Hungary, true "csaba" sausage, particularly in rural regions, is a homemade product. A number of factors influence the character of this sausage: for example, the breed and age of the pork, the quality and quantity of the paprika used, the proportion of ingredients, the method of smoking, storage methods etc. In the end, you'll find as many variations as there are sausage makers. However, there are certain unchanging principles: the sausage must be seasoned with paprika and must be made exclusively with pork. It is neither hard nor soft. The meat is juicy, the flavor spicy and slightly smoked. Its keeping time is relatively long.

There is even a sausage festival held at Békéscsaba.

Ingredients for 10 kg of sausage 

  • 7 kg of pork, various cuts
  • 3 kg garlic
  • 120 g mild paprik
  • 100 g hot paprika
  • 10 g whole cumin seed and 10 g ground cumin
  • 200 g salt


  1. Put the meat through a grinder.
  2. Mix all the ingredients well. 
  3. Stuff the casings with the sausage filling.


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