Flavors of Italy


Pancetta is pork belly that has been salted, spiced and dried for about 3 months; it is often rolled up like a large sausage. It is usually used as a flavouring for dishes, added to sauces, stuffings, etc.

In Italy, there are numerous recipes called "all'amatriciana," meaning "with pancetta." It is often found as an ingredient in pastas, on pizzas, etc.

In Corsica, however, pancetta is considered a typically regional flavour and is used like bacon.

Christian Willer of La Palme d'Or Restaurant in Cannes loves the flavour of pancetta and renders it in a skillet to create crispy little lardons.

Storing Pancetta
Well wrapped, pancetta can be kept for more than 3 weeks in the refrigerator and up to 6 months in the freezer.



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