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Cambozola is is a triple cream soft-ripened cheese with blue veins, made from with pasteurized cow’s milk in the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. 

When the master cheesemakers of Champignon created Cambozola in 1980, they had no idea how successful it would become. The pairing of a mild flavorful blue with the fine creamy texture of a camembert quickly conquered the tastebuds of cheese aficiondados.

The cheesemakers gave their creation a name that has historic roots in artisanal cheese production. By the 3rd century CE, cheesemaking was already flourishing in the Allgau region, including the Roman settlement of Cambodunum (Kempten), which appropriately lent its name to the new cheese.

In 1998, Paul Bocuse awarded 3 stars to Cambozola. 

Descriptive file

Curd: Blue-veined

Family: Soft with a bloomy rind

Intensity: Mild

Milk: Cow's milk

Milk processing: Pasteurized

Country: Germany

Region: Bavaria

Producer: Champignon Cheesemakers

Minimum aging: 1 month

Production method: Industrial

Appearance: Cylindrical. Bloomy rind. White creamy, blue-veined curd.

Flavor: Pronounced. Creamy aroma with mild blue character.


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