Quark or Fromage Blanc
Quark or Fromage Blanc

Sommelier's suggestion They go well with sparkling wines, champagne or light dry whites, served chilled. Red wines are too heavy.

Appearance and texture:
rindless; white colour, velvety and creamy texture, very slightly granular.

light milky aroma.

fresh, very sweet, slightly acidulous.

it's easy to spread; it mixes well with other ingredients; it can be used with good results in cooked and uncooked dishes.

creamy, pressed (contains a bit more fat).

How to enjoy it?
Ideal for breakfast or dessert, Quark is delicious plain, sweetened or added with fruit, honey, jam or maple syrup. Flavored, it makes a great spread or dip. It’s also great for the preparation of delicious cooked dishes. And it’s low butterfat level makes it especially interesting.

About 2 weeks or more or according to the "best before" date on the packaging.

You've got choice!
You can replace Quark with pressed Cottage in dessert recipes. But don’t forget that Cottage cheese is slightly more salty than Quark. Baker’s or Ricotta can also replace it.


Collaboration: Dairy Farmers of Canada
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